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Aaron Bradford

Aaron is a Seattle Washington native who currently resides in Santa Cruz California. Upon graduation with a communication arts degree from Lees-McRae College in North Carolina, he quickly jumped back on to national circuit and currently races bicycles professionally. Like many children, Aaron started riding bikes at a young age. It wasn't until the age of 13 that he picked up a mountain bike for the first time. While riding with his father and members of the northwest cycling club Single Track Mind, he met other junior racers who suggested the idea racing mountain bikes. He was given to the opportunity to race for the local yet nationally renowned junior team, Rad Racing NW. Coached from mentors Dale Knapp and Jim Brown, Aaron was fortunate to race in four World Championships, twice for mountain biking and twice for cyclocross with their support. Following participation on Rad, he raced on the accredited DEVO team, followed with the nationally ranked Lees-McRae collegiate cycling team. Shortly after graduation, Aaron achieved the 2009 USA National Super D Championship title along with the 2012 Single Speed Cyclocross National Championship which have both led to countless more podium finishes across the country in both mountain bike and cyclocross events. In his off time, Aaron enjoys the winter sports skiing and snowboarding, photography, experiencing new cultures, cooking, and catching up with family and friends.


















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    2012 Mountain Bike Race Line Up

  • April 19th- 22nd- Sea Otter Classic - Monterey, CA
  • April 28th- Lemurian Classic - Wiskeytown, CA
  • May 19th-20th- Spring Thaw MTB Festival - Ashland, OR
  • May 27th- Ski to Sea Relay - Portland, OR
  • June 23rd-24th- Oregon Enduro Series- Ashland - Ashland, OR
  • July 5th- 8th- USA MTB Nationals - Sun Valley, ID
  • July 14th-15th- Oregon Enduro Series- Mt. Hood, OR
  • July 21st- Bell Wasatch Enduro, Park City, UT
  • July 27th-28th- Trestle park Specialized Enduro-Freeride Festival, Winter Park Resort, CO
  • August 4th-5th - Downieville All Mountain Challenge - Downieville, CA
  • August 10th-11th- Crankworx Canadian Open - Whistler, B.C
  • August 26th- Oregon Enduro Series, Sisters OR
  • September 8th-9th- Oregon Enduro Series, Mt. Hood, OR

  • 2011 Race Schedule

  • April 30 - Lemurian Classic in Whiskeytown
  • May 14-15 - Spring Thaw Mtn Bike Festival in Ashland, OR
  • May 28-29 - Ski to Sea relay - Seattle
  • June 17/18 – Ashland 12 Mile Super-D
  • July 8-9th - Downieville All-Mountain
  • July 14-17 – Nationals in Idaho
  • July 23/24 – Crankworx Canadian Open Enduro
  • August 7th - Oregon Super-D  Race 3: Oakridge 







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    career highlights



    1st Bell Wasatch Enduro - Canyons Resort, UT

    2nd Oregon Enduro Series - Mt. Hood, OR

    1st Bell Super Enduro - Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival

    1st Single Speed National Championships



    2011 7th CXLA UCI Cyclocross

    2011 1st Golden Gate Park Super Prestige

    2011 5th Oregon Super-D Oakridge

    2011 4th Super-D National Championships

    2011 2nd Downieville All-Mtn World Championships

    2011 1st Downieville Downhill

    2011 2nd Ashland 12 Mile Super-D

    2011 2nd Ski to Sea Relay - Mtn bike stage

    2011 5th Ashland Sprin Thaw DH

    2011 2nd Ashland Spring Thaw XC

    2011 1st SeaOtter Classic Pro Singlespeed



    2010 3rd Cyclocross Nationals Singlespeed

    2010 27th Cyclocross Nationals Elite

    2010 8th  Downieville XC

    2010 6th Crankworx Canadian Open

    2010 6th Ashland 12 Mile Super D

    2010 6th Seaotter Classic Super-D

    2010 1st US Cup Kenda Cup  Ellings Park Super D

    2010 1st US Cup Kenda Cup  Ellings Park Shorttrack

    2010 3rd Ashland Spring Thaw

    2010 4th Lemurian Classic

    2010 2nd Hood River Fluidride Enduro

    2010 6th Sea Otter Super D

    2010 2nd Santa Ynez Super D




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